Oakdale Testicle Festival

In the early 80's, Oakdale Rotary Club members were racking their brains to come up with an idea for an annual fundraiser. They wanted something unique that would reflect the local western heritage of our area. They kicked around the idea of a rattlesnake round-up, but knocked the ball out of the pasture when the idea of a "calf fry" was presented. Being a ranching community, there was plenty of "product" from the local brandings. The idea was a hit and along with all the puns and wisecracks the Calf Fry became an annual event. In 2001, the popular event had outgrown its current facility and The Oakdale Rotary Club asked The Oakdale Cowboy Museum to become an event partner. The "Testicle Festival" became the official name of the event, a logo, slogan, merchandise, and a website was now part of the marketing plan. Our slogan, "You'll Have a Ball" quickly caught the attention of late night TV. Comedians, Jay Leno and David Letterman have had fun talking about this event and so has Saturday Night Live. In 2011, the associated press picked up a press release of our 30th Anniversary of eating these tasty morsels for a fundraiser and the story went viral. The Testicle Festival was the #4 most read story on yahoo.com that month. So it's no surprise that American Cowboy Magazine featured The Oakdale Testicle Festival, held on the last Monday in March, as one of the top 101 events to attend in the West. Yep, right up there with the Bishop Mule Days and the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival.

The only event in town where you're guaranteed to "Have A Ball."

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